Sculpture of contrasted faces of been


This is the sculpture I made on the 24 hours project. Made on paper and cardboard. 2 views: front and back. I wanted to express in both ways the duality of been, all things have contrast colors, everything and everyone have as much faces as circumstances are around.


Esta es la escultura que hice en el proyecto de 24 horas. Hecha en cartón y papel. 2 vistas en la foto: de frente y revés. Yo quise expresar en ambas formas la dualidad del ser, todas las cosas tienen colores en contraste, todo y todos tienen tantas caras como las circunstancias que los rodean.


CLOISTART PROJECT from Ben Gracida on Vimeo

When I got the idea to do art for 24 hours, this was a challenging test for the Cloistart Campaign, I started to collect things, objects to work on, tools and supplies a few hours before to start the challenge, and well to prove that I did it, I started to shoot a photograph every minute for 24 hours, like I had to program the camera, when I need the camera for the studio photos of the proyect, I asked for help to my father, to shoot on a common camera 1 for per minute, that is why meanwhile I do the 2 rounds of photo session, the video get bumpy, finally after 3 hours of sleep on project and 24 pieces of art… and a back pain, I could finish this art project at set precedent about what can I do. It was intense, It was great!





This is the challenge:  Enclosure my self in a warehouse with tools and supplies for 1 month, make an on-line broadcasting 24 hours for 30 days, and create, make as much art as I can:  studio photographs, paintings, drawings, writings,  sculpture, digital art, stop motion video, experimental video, short films, textile art and mural paintings.

I do need all the help possible to make this happen so… here is a campaign on Indiegogo, crowd-funding is the answer,  I’ll do my best, I will complete the challenge whatever it takes! with art, with elegance! this is the challenge! 

Here is the link of the campaign:

Thanks! and spread the word!


There are many industries that now are closed, to many people without job, there are to many questions… ¿What about gadgets? ¿what about consumerism? ¿What about the needs? ¿what about progress? ¿What about pollution? ¿What about tech? ¿What about humanity?…

This is a collection of poster style photographs, made each one by 5 photographs with different exposure and light.

here the entire collection



Hay muchas industrias que ahora estan cerradas, demasiadas personas sin trabajo, demasiadas preguntas…¿Qué hay con los gadgets? ¿Qué hay con el consumismo? ¿Qué hay con las necesidades? ¿Qué hay acerca del progreso? ¿Qué con la contaminación? ¿Qué hay acerca de la tecnología? Qué hay con la humanidad?…

Esta es una colección de fotografías estilo poster, hechas cada una con 5 fotografías a diferente exposición e iluminación.

aquí la colección completa





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Blue Broken Issues


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